Three Reasons To Choose Water Delivery For Your Rural Outdoor Festival


Outdoor festivals require a great deal of planning, from choosing the venue and vendors to making sure there are adequate accommodations for all of your guests. One thing you'll need to make sure you have on hand is a supply of potable water. There are many reasons to hire a potable water delivery company for your outdoor festival or event. Here are just three reasons why you should arrange for water delivery.

Safe Drinking Water

Depending on the location of your event, the water sourced from local wells or rivers may not be safe to drink. Instead of paying to have the water tested to ensure safety for your guests, potable water delivery ensures safe, clean drinking water. This is essential if your guests will be outside for any period of time, particularly if the weather becomes extremely hot or cold. Keeping festival-goers hydrated will help to make sure everyone has a great experience at your event.

Food Preparation

Having safe water for food preparation is essential. If your event is being held in a rural area or your cooking facilities are out of date, potable water delivery makes fresh water for cooking easy to access. This is a particularly great benefit if your festival is being held in an area without indoor plumbing, as your staff won't have to carry well water to the food preparation area. Work with your water delivery service to ensure water is available both at the food prep areas and throughout the festival grounds so water is easily accessible everywhere on the festival grounds.

Freedom To Choose The Venue You Want

Many rural locations offer beautiful backdrops for festivals, but a lack of available water can prevent event planners from using those locations. With a potable water delivery service, you can have the freedom to choose festival locations in more remote areas without having to worry about how to make sure everyone has access to fresh drinking water. Your water delivery service can even offer both potable and non-potable water deliver so you can offer both hydration and sanitation services at your event.

Ensuring the health and safety of your festival goers is critical, and making fresh water available helps them to stay hydrated while drinking safe water. Make sure your delivery service can provide you with proof that the water has been tested and that it meets Canadian drinking water guidelines, so you can assure your guests of the safety of your drinking water.

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20 January 2016

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