How To Elevate Your Pasta Cooking To The Next Level


If you love pasta, then you would probably enjoy making it at home for dinner. However, you don't have to settle for a box of pasta and some store bought sauce. If you have the right tools and a good recipe, you can make delicious meals in your own home. Here are some equipment essentials to making a great pasta dinner.

A Pot Colander

One of the most important aspects of cooking great pasta is timing. If you leave the pasta in the water too long, it will overcook. The best way to remove the pasta at the precise moment is to use a pot colander. These are steel inserts that go into your pot of boiling water. They are better than regular colanders because you don't have to bother with pouring boiling water into your sink to get the pasta out. With a pot colander, you simply lift it out of the boiling water to remove your pasta. It makes cooking safer, as well. You don't have to worry about splashing boiling water while emptying out the pasta.

Pasta Roller

While dried pasta is fine, if you're really looking to go full out, you should make fresh pasta. There are many recipes online that will show you how to make it. The one item that is absolutely essential is a pasta roller. When you make pasta, you are going to be making dough. This dough cannot be rolled out like a pie crust. It needs to be put through a pasta roller. These will often come with attachments that will allow you to make different cuts of pasta, such as linguine, fettuccine, spaghetti, and angel hair.

Handheld Pasta Cutter

If you are planning on making some of the more intricate pasta varieties, such as ravioli, rigatoni, farfalle, and orecchiette, then you will need a hand held pasta cutter. These are small cutting wheels attached to a handle. You should buy a cutter that has multiple wheels that you can use. Sometimes you want a ridged cutting wheel for crimped edge pasta, such as ravioli, while other times you want a straight edge wheel, as when making orecchiette.

Beyond The Pasta: The Box Grater

If you're spending time making pasta from scratch, don't ruin it by adding powdered Parmesan from the supermarket shelf. You should buy cut sections of fresh Parmigiano-Reggiano. Then, when you're serving the meal, you can grate the cheese fresh. It has so much more flavor and complexity then the stuff that comes pre-grated in plastic containers.The reason a box grater is good is so that you have the option of shaving slices of Pecorino Romano or Grana Padano for your salads. A simple cheese grater is going to only let you grate cheese for dusting.


4 September 2015

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