Substitutions That Allow You To Enjoy Pizza Without Fear


Pizza is not just a food, pizza is a way of life for some. There is no shortage of pizza stores and pizza delivery services that invent dozens of different pizzas to try (click here for more info). If you love pizza but are concerned about your health you are not alone. Here are some substitutions to try on your pizza in order to enjoy it regularly without any guilt. 

Use cauliflower instead of dough

Dough makes up the bulk of most pizzas. Sadly, dough includes a lot of calories and more carbohydrates that most people would like to take in regularly. One of the ways to enjoy pizza without the high carbs is to create dough with new substances. Pizza "dough" can be made from cauliflower that is properly chopped and blended. Cauliflower that is blended into a thin powder can replace the flour in pizza dough. Using cauliflower gives you vegetable intake and allows you to enjoy pizza without worrying about the dough and preservatives normally found in crust.

DIY pizza sauce

Pizza sauce is mostly made of tomatoes. Luckily, you can puree your own pizza sauce with tomatoes and spices that you enjoy. Add tomato, basil, salt, pepper, garlic powder, and minced onion to start. Blend the tomatoes into a liquid, but thick sauce, then add the spices and seasonings little by little. Taste the sauce as you go, then stop once you get to the golden ratio. Be sure to record how many "pinches" or "shakes" you perform so that you can replicate the formula again. By using all natural products, you increase the healthfulness of pizza sauce.

Cut the cheese, literally

A lot of the fat inside of pizza comes directly from the cheese added to the top. If you enjoy a cheesy pizza more than anything else, there are ways to make your topping of choice healthier. Start by selecting low-fat cheese for your pizza. Low-fat cheese is often made with low-fat dairy products, so be sure to check the ingredients on the mozzarella that you select.

Choose healthier toppings

One of the ways to cut calories and cholesterol in your pizza is to select different toppings. Instead of a meat lover's pizza, try sun dried tomatoes. Try all-natural toppings such as olives, peppers, pineapple, and other chopped vegetables to find something that suits your palette. If you can't live without your pepperoni or beef, try vegan options for both. There are vegan pepperoni slices and beef substitutes that taste similar to the real thing without any of the health issues that come with them. 


2 September 2015

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