4 Benefits Of Ordering Box Lunches For A Working Lunch


The idea of working during a lunch break is often seen as unappealing.  However, sometimes a meeting may run a lot longer than anticipated and last minute deadlines appear.  As you become pressed for time taking a lunch break becomes increasingly difficult.  While it is still important to eat something not all foods are the best fit for working lunches. If you find yourself without a homemade lunch the next beneficial option involves ordering a box lunch.

Easy to Eat

Convenience plays a big role when deciding to take a working lunch. Therefore, it is important to take into consideration how easy it will be to eat the food you order.  Caterers that offer box lunches make it extremely easy to get work done as you eat.  The box lunch is meant to be a complete meal; therefore it is packed with side items and dessert. The idea behind this concept is to make it easy for people to continue working without missing a step.


As box lunches continue to grow in popularity the selection of food options continues to expand as well. You will find some caterers who offer a wide variety of easy to eat foods like sandwiches, wraps and soups. These options can also be ordered in a number of different styles including:

  • Roast Beef
  • Tuna
  • BLT

The wider the selection of food options the easier it will be  to accommodate all employees. People who do not eat certain foods have the option to find meals that fit their preferences and lifestyle.


Catering for a lunch meeting is not as expensive as catering a corporate event, but it is still logical to look for affordable options. Box lunches are one of the most affordable types of lunch catering options. This expense may not be a big deal for larger corporations, but affordability is a huge factor for a small business

Easy Clean Up

In many cases, when you are ordering food for a working lunch you are looking for something simple.  An easy clean up depends on what type of food is ordered and how it is packed. Boxed lunches allow employees to use their container for trash. Individually packed boxed lunch options tend to be easier to clean up than buffet style options.

Meetings and projects might cause you to take a working lunch every so often. Therefore, you can use these benefits to make your next working lunch as smooth as possible.

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2 October 2014

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